Post Audit Expectations

After your initial audit and primary recommendations are completed, you will begin to notice the comfort issues that plagued you in the past now gone. The historically uneven temperature rooms in your home will all of the sudden will be same. The areas that with drafty cooler temperatures in the fall and winter will be harder to detect. You will also notice a drop in your monthly energy bills which ultimately puts money back into your pocket instead of out the front door! Even better, the team at Wackenhut will stay connected with you to ensure you received what was promised.


Increased Home Comfort 

Eliminating hot and cold spots, drafty rooms, and fluctuating temperatures are some of benefits you can expect.


Real Energy Savings 

Energy savings can amount to hundreds of dollars annually depending upon the amount of upgrades required.


Continued Monitoring 

The team at Wackenhut remains connected with you to monitor future energy usage.

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