Central Air Conditioning and Ductless Mini-Split air conditioning installations, repairs and service for Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

If you have an area of your home that could benefit from climate control, but ductwork is either impossible or impractical, you may want to consider a ductless mini-split system from Wackenhut.  Since 1914 Wackenhut has helped residents in Southeastern PA stay comfortable in their home all year long.

What is a ductless system?  A ductless mini-split unit consists of a compact indoor wall mounted unit which delivers a controlled flow of conditioned air into a particular zone in the home.  The energy-efficient unit provides both cooling as well as heating resulting in a cost-effective way to replace inefficient window unit, space heaters and electric baseboard heaters. With it's easy, duct-free installation, mini-splits are ideal for home renovations or a way to supplement your centralized ducted system.

Benefits of Ductless Mini-Split Systems:

In addition to providing flexible, cooling and heating to individual parts of your home, there are several additional reasons to consider a ductless mini-split system:

  • Easy installation without the expense and hassle of ductwork
  • Energy efficient, lowering your energy bills
  • Compact in size
  • Easy remote control operation
  • Increased home security
  • Improved indoor air quality offering multi-stage filtration
  • Quiet operation

If you’re interested in installing a new high-efficiency ductless mini-split system in the Bucks, Montgomery, or Philadelphia counties, or the surrounding Pennsylvania areas, contact Wackenhut at 215-343-2222!